Are you a Research and Development director in the Food Industry? 
Are you responsible for Technology transfer in a University? 
Do you want to improve your growth potential and translate discoveries into applications by tapping into open innovation opportunities? 
You will get the services of a professional to facilitate connections between University and Industry and manage collaborations. 
You will be lead to use strategic road-mapping tools to define your business needs and the Want, Find, Get, Manage framework for mastering open innovation.  
Experience: I lead a consortium of 4 companies resulting in launches of market-leading European chocolate brands with improved nutritional quality. 
More broadly, the experience and methodologies acquired as Science Director in a Corporate FMCG company and a multinational network of experts and contacts are put to the service of designing, planning and implementing successful innovations. 
This is invaluable at the point of execution, when ideas face the hurdles of financial viability, consumer desirability, market competition. 
Competences and capabilities: 
Facilitation of open innovation processes 
Project Management 
Subject Matter Expertise 


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