Core Competences & Assets 

Solving complex challenges: approaching complex situations and data rich systems with rigorous logic and creative thinking. 
Applying robust science to business opportunities by focusing on the data and data analysis, the use of Design of Experiment techniques and applied statistics. 
Building effective teams by painting a compelling picture of the path to high performance teams and bring people along. 
Networking: connected with leading Universities and Research centres in the Food Science sector in the UK, USA, Canada, The Netherlands, France and Italy and to a global network of suppliers of strategic raw materials: oils & fats, dairy, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cocoa 
Subject matter expert: Oils & Fats, Dairy, Peanuts and Tree Nuts, Chocolate and Cocoa, Diet and Health 

 Career Highlights and Key Achievements 

Director and Owner of AndCat Ltd, Consulting - 2018 to present 
Director of Science at Mars Global Chocolate – 2005 to 2018 
EU Strategic raw material research manager at Mars (Cocoa, Nuts, Oils & Fats, Dairy) 1999 to 2005 
EU Purchasing and technical manager at Mars (peanut and tree nuts) 1995 – 1999 
Project proposal evaluator for UK and EU funding bodies. 
Health & Wellbeing research strategy in the chocolate category. 
Elimination of trans fats and reduction by 15-30% of saturated fats in chocolate products, promoting nutritional improvement and winning over stakeholders and health officials. 
Science and technology options to improve product performance, e.g. heat resistance, shelf life stability, lower calories. 
Novel process for improving the organoleptic properties of cocoa beans, integrating genetic, biochemistry and process research. 
Quality assurance systems at peanut suppliers in the origin countries (China, Argentina, USA), resulting in significant improvement of the quality of delivery 


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